Başak Mah. 5.Etap 1.Kısım
Yeşil Vadi Cad. No: 4/2
Başakşehir, Istanbul
+90 553 662 23 33

Welcome to Imam Malik Academy

From the Historic city of Istanbul, we seek to meet the needs of students who prefer to join us.  Students who hope for deep studies of the language of the Holy Qur’an and human sciences. At our Academy, students will acquire knowledge and competencies through a serious educational process based on an integrated methodology supervised by a group of competent scholars to meet these needs.



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Studying at Imam Malik Academy will be one of the most exciting times of your life. Ensure you are prepared with our application guide.

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We’re connected to our students, staff and parents. We’re available in social Medias and we check our emails every day.


It is a great opportunity to come and see the university. You can find out about student life from the people who know it best.


Learn how to find a computer, reading lists, book a group study room and open access to make your research highly visible.


With alumni in almost every country and profession you can connect to a universal network of Imam Malik Academy graduates.


Find out when is opening hours, how to access to a PC, to book a group study room and how to ask for help in your research.


Why Choose Us?

The Malik Academy seeks to produce a generation aware of its present and protected by their authenticity. A generation owns a critical and scientific thinking and is qualified scientifically.  Imam Malik Academy seeks to graduate a generation who can go in line with the modern changes and coexist with their communities with the light of reason and knowledge.

This educational institution tries to correct the image of Islam misrepresented by extremism who follows corrupted interpretations of Islamic texts, intentionally and involuntary.


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University Awards

 International universities and colleges that have established agreements with the International College of Islamic Daawah
  • Al-Azhar University in Cairo
  • Azaytuna University-Tunisia
  • Constantine 1 University- Algeria
  • Um Darman University – Sudan
  • League of Islamic Universities
  • Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW)

 Universities with cultural exchanges with the International College of Islamic Daawah
  • Al-Azhar University in Cairo
  • Al-Qarawiin University- Fez, Morocco
  • Sana’a University – Yemen
  • Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University- Arabia Saudia
  • University of Islamic Sciences- Iraq

Studying at Imam Malik Academy

Find out about everything relating to our admissions at Imam Malik Academy  including all details. Whatever stage you’re at in your journey, we want to help.

Bachelor Program Admission

Admission to the Imam Malik Academy is a highly selective process. We hold applicants to a high standard of academic, show us who you are.


Master Program Admission

Earning your graduate degree or graduate certificate at the Imam Malik Academy is an important investment in your education and in your life.


Doctoral Program Admission

Continuing and Professional Studies offers results-orientated programs that make a real connection with your professors and classmates.